EOS Hosting
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EOS Hosting is a quality provider of hosting solutions for personal sites and businesses since 2006. Previously EOS was based in England, but now we are a North American company that uses data centers in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

Our Mission

The EOS mission is a commitment to excellence in customer service, quality and reliability. Support and service are important and distinguished characteristics of our company and we achieve it through open, honest and direct lines of communication.

Making it Easy

At EOS Hosting we care about our clients. We feel they should enjoy the hosting experience and shouldn't have to deal with complicated methods to build, maintain and manage a website. All our hosting packages come with cPanel and SimpleScripts to give our clients over 65 one-click-installation scripts and the ability to update their website platform in seconds. Our hosting packages come with Free templates, Free Tutorials and a useful knowledgebase to help you get started quickly and easily.

Why EOS?

Here at EOS we know how important it is to provide the right solution to match our clients hosting needs. Some sites are better served by being located on servers closer to a specific geographical area. There is no one best data center or network out there, and for this reason we have strategically partnered with tier one providers that specialize in top customer service to help us bring the best hosting solutions that make sense for you. Our close relationship with our partners means we can work with them 24/7 to provide maximum uptime and network performance. They focus on what they know best while we focus on providing what’s best for you. This is what brings you the EOS advantage.